My name is Alyonka Larionov. 

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I believe in Empowering Emotional Intelligence, emphasizing Curiosity of the Human Condition, and deepening personal growth in the Discomforts of The Unknown.


I Spoke My Truth at My High School

I Spoke My Truth at My High School

Yesterday, I walked down this hall to a room full of High School teachers to Tell them My Story. I was the last to speak. I thought to myself, "last, but not least". No, not least. Not least. I'm not small. Im not, not enough. I'm not too much. Too thoughtful. Too curious. Too talkative. Too emotional. Too caring. Im me. Im enough. Okay, speak.

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My Truth came out. The first day of school - my third high school in 2 1/2 years. A total of 13 or 14 schools by 17. Sitting with my Dad at the front office, registering, "oh shit, that's igor larionov's daughter. her dad's a legend". Not Alyonka. Igor's Daughter. Okay. Game Face on. New girls. New boys. New teachers. New classes. New curriculum. New hallways. New faces. New new new. Yet I felt like the same old. But I played my part: allowing others to connect to me, without a hint of my own lack of connectivity to them. What was the point? I was going to leave soon. I never stayed. Change. My ever constant.

My teacher on AP Psych, Ms. Rogers. She sat at the front of the crowd gathered yesterday. I said, "its people like Ms. Rogers who got me through. By sharing her story, She, like me, flawed, imperfect, HUMAN, earned my trust, my heart, my ears, and ultimately my desire to learn". It's no wonder I'm working in and around psychology. You know: unpacking people. Learning them. Seeing them. Listening to them. Telling their stories. It's because of people like her who gave me purpose. Who gave me reason to believe that me as ME is good enough.

I asked the group, "what are your major concerns with today's students?" Hands shot up. Curiouser and curiouser. All of a sudden I was on the other end. Stories unfolded. Vulnerabilities shown. Fears, insecurities, desires to better understand. To learn. Isn't that something? By Telling My Story, their stories were heard.

I tell you this because of how important it is for us to make a point to SHOW UP with our Story. You'll be surprised by what you hear in return. Learn to be Heard and you'll Learn how to Listen.

Thank you Seaholm for having me, for allowing me to Tell My Story, Speak My Truth and to Champion My Flaws. I can't wait to do it again soon.

Recovery | Physiologically vs. Emotionally

Recovery | Physiologically vs. Emotionally

Purpose, Confidence + Connection: I'm a Content 5.

Purpose, Confidence + Connection: I'm a Content 5.