I dislike the term ‘life coach’ as it’s been used and manipulated in recent years to fit into the movement of the wellness trend.

However, until I come up with a better label for Self, it’s easiest to use the joined words to give interested clients a glimpse into the work that I do.

I say this up front: I am not a certified coach. My work is based on ten years of experience as an interviewer in the fields of production + broadcasting, based on my ability to quickly decipher how to ask the right questions in order to open up a complete stranger within the first seconds of meeting.

These skills led to my organic segue-way into the work of ‘life-coaching’ beginning in September 2017, where I launched the ‘In The Unknown’ Workshop providing 60 two-hour workshops for over 400 clients in the span of a year in Detroit, LA, NYC, Toronto, Dallas and Tel Aviv. With this experience, I developed my one-on-one coaching programs. The first is based more rigidly in the traditional ‘life-coaching’ standards - determining a problem, setting goals + coaching into a solution. The second is more loose, fluid and is steeped in intuition, by cultivating a space for the development of emotional intelligence.

My client is everyone. The postpartum Mom. The professional athlete. The successful business man looking for more, or to find his passion. The college student trying to figure out their path in life. The struggling artist deciding between $ (stability) and passion (art). The kid of divorced parents. The young woman looking to break her pattern in relationships. The high profile (x) whose name carries a burden with no one to confide in.


I prefer always to work in person. However, at the moment I am based out of Moscow and make myself available to other countries via phone or video call. If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email to book a consultation or to commence work immediately:

My clients will tell you: it’s always the right time.



life coaching

Life Coaching isn’t necessarily a long-term commitment. In fact, the goal is to get Clients in and out, and on their way. It is straight to the point with a simple approach: determine a problem, set goals, and coach into a solution. Using multiple, non-traditional techniques, I challenge your learned behaviors in order to create a new worldview and a different perspective on the situation at hand. Through repetition, accountability, and truth-talk, I am able to flush out the toxins out of my clients systems for a better, cleaner, and more meaningful existence.


eQ development

Emotional Intelligence Development is based on an exploration of Self with Alyonka. By carving out space and tapping into intuition, the loose-formed conversation allows one to peel back the layers of emotional build-up created over the years. The goal is to acquaint and to familiarize the client with their full range of emotions creating new patterns which provide an opportunity to Respond instead of React.. This is called Awareness and it allows for the build-up of confidence in Self. Through a myriad of techniques, Alyonka guides her client into a well-developed EQ. She firmly believes that EQ is the foundation on which humans should stand for a brighter, happier way of living into the future.


in the unknown workshop

IN THE UNKNOWN is a guided workshop where one is able to face fears of the unknown by intentionally stepping into its discomfort. Through the power of moderated conversation and group connection, you will sit with and talk through the discomfort, collectively finding ways to conquer fear, and step into living the life one has always wanted to lead. Topics covered can be found here. Locations of previously held sessions can be found here. For a sneak-peak into the format of IN THE UNKNOWN, click here or scroll to the bottom of this page.

The purpose of spiritual evolution is to remove the blockages that cause you fear. The alternative is to protect your blockages so that you don’t have to feel fear. To do this, however, you will have to try to control everything in order to avoid your inner issues.
— Michael A. Singer

on mental health.