After her job left her, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery in hopes of filling the void that was revealed. During this time of travel, exploration, conversation, and research, she found that many people were asking the same questions she had been asking, but they had nowhere to go for the answers.

The first order of business was to reconnect with her femininity. She sent out The Email to 100 women she had met over the years, telling her story and speaking her truth. Attached with it was The Original Q, a questionnaire to better understand the modern female. From the feedback and information collected, it was clear that many women felt the same fears and concerns, and desired to have this kind of conversation but they didn't feel that there was a safe space to do so. 

Alyonka understood that she had to lead with her story. By sharing her truth, she provided confidence for others to do the same. Suddenly, the journey didn't seem as lonely.

With a daily practice to relinquish her deeply seeded belief of perfection, The Untitled Female Project was launched with the intent to Champion Flaws.

The message resonated and it opened her eyes to realize that this type of conversation was not one to be had exclusively. Sure, the idea sounds more sexy, but it goes against UF's core beliefs of inclusivity and empathy. Everyone has a story to tell, a truth to speak, and flaws to champion. The more people open their hearts, the less lonely we feel in our human condition. 

The foundation became clear:

UF is a platform to #TellYourStory #SpeakYourTruth + #ChampionFlaws. It is a non-judgemental space for conversation and information, and it is open to ALL. 

It is also a place for education, where we can challenge societal norms. We pride ourselves in providing thought-provoking, enlightening, and informative content by interviewing and speaking with experts + educators from around the world, via The UF Podcast and UF Collective.

We have also created the opportunity for readers to act as UF Contributors, where they can choose to use our platform to tell their story and to speak their truth. No issue, experience, or lesson-learned is too small.

There are lessons everywhere.

One simply must look.

It's important that we start opening ourselves up and sharing.

We thank you for all the LOVE + SUPPORT. 

Your friends,


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