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ANDREW KIPPEN | On Hypnotherapy, the Subconscious, Social Constructs, + Energetic Beings | No. 29

ANDREW KIPPEN | On Hypnotherapy, the Subconscious, Social Constructs, + Energetic Beings | No. 29

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“Our health, our actions, our character, our limitations — all of that is in the subconscious. A lot of the disease that we run into, have nothing to do with biological components and everything to do with what we’re thinking and what we’re telling ourselves, and the stress that we’re holding in our bodies that we refuse to let go of, or don’t know how to. Especially in a consumerist society, where we numb out and we avoid feeling our feelings by going to the movies and watching tv and eating food and shopping and drugs and alcohol. The backbone of our economy is built on our inability to feel what we’re feeling, and to escape that. It’s not to say that any one of those things is wrong but when the mechanism that you use to avoid hearing that voice that’s saying ‘I need a break’, then it becomes an issue. I feel like we as a culture and a society, if we really understood how much our thoughts and our beliefs shape our feelings, and shape our experience of life and our perception of ourselves and our limitations, then we would put a lot more emphasis on them.”
— Andrew Kippen

HERE's the known.

Andrew Kippen came into my life at just the opportune moment in time. I was in the middle of my New York stint in the summer of 2018, trying to figure out why all things that were easy in the past suddenly felt like a mountain I was never going to climb. The keyword you should be paying attention to here is: trying. Trying, aka, going against the energy of the Universe, which as I’ve learned and continue to learn, never gets us anywhere. In fact, it only gets us further from our Truth.

Andrew’s name came up during a conversation with an acquaintance to whom I revealed that I was internally struggling with the world in which I was living. There were doors being closed and body ailments which prevented me from doing the work, along with other difficulties, to which my acquaintance said: call Andrew. So I did and we scheduled my very first hypnotherapy session.

I will confess. I am not one to fear experiences especially as they pertain to the opening of the mind, heart and soul. However, hypnotherapy was as foreign as it comes and I was a bit apprehensive upon my arrival. Perhaps, looking back, not so much on the process itself, but what it was I was about to learn. You might be asking: which is what? The TRUTH, people! The Truth which sits inside all of us and yet we do everything in our power to avoid.

Here’s where Andrew comes in. His uncanny ability to create a tangible stillness, calm, and safety in the room. His attention to detail as he listens, actively to the words streaming out of the subconscious. His playfulness and kindness, as he delves into crevices shut tightly by defense mechanisms built over the years. He’s gentle prodding and nudging without an ounce of judgement, force, or over-bearing control. With his skills he guides and leads to the Truth. Upon unveiling, he doesn’t sit back with arms-crossed in self-approval, instead stills his voice into an almost silence so as to openly welcome a deeply seeded wound. He is talented but also educated and also willing to say that what he knows today could change tomorrow.

It is because of him that I am now sitting here in Moscow, Russia writing these very words. It was his guidance which opened up a pandora’s box of wishes and desires that I had long kept shut in the over-protective world I had created for myself as a means of survival. He nudged me into the unknown in the way that I nudge many. For that I am eternally grateful.

I suggest you grab a piece of paper and a pen as you listen to his words in this podcast episode of In The Unknown. He is guidance. Period. And every word is filled with meaning. If you happen to sense yourself curious in exploring the world of hypnotherapy — jump! I promise you it will not disappoint. So, without further ado, here is my conversation with Andrew Kippen.

HERE’s Andrew’s UNKNOWN(s).

  1.  A lot of mystery in other dimensions and in other realms and skillsets that are outside the norm. For example, I host an event called Empathic that is a meeting of empaths and intuitive and highly sensitive people — they see things before they happen, they feel other peoples emotions in their bodies, they hear things that seem like premonitions, or are hearing just the right thing in the right time for our minds to say ‘ooh okay, I’m going to try that’. I think that’s a fascinating place that, we in the past maybe as kids had access to more of but society discourages us from using them, so we lose them. With the right training, practice and focus, anybody can develop these but there are some people that are very natural at them. So that’s a big source of the unknown for me: how do I hone those gifts? How do I explore them more?

  2. The spiritual realm. In my own life I’m a seeker. I was a christian for a long time. I was a buddhist for the past few years and now I think about Buddhism as a mind-science more than a religion. It’s fascinating and it’s really really helpful and it’s an incredible tool. I’m seeing everything as an overlay on top of the same thing. So, whether you call it Christianity or spirituality or Islam or Judaism, whatever, it’s all us as human beings seeking to get back to a higher power and our spiritual selves. Some people would say searching for answers and trying to cope with the challenges of life. Everything that I’ve been processing - and this changes every couple of years and I don’t think I have the objective truth on this - but everything that I’ve been experiencing and researching lately is describing a world in which we are spirit and we are energetic beings having a physical experience, and not the other way around. Diving more deeply into that. So, if we’re energetic beings, how do we relate to one another? Are there energetic beings that aren’t having a physical experience that we can connect with through prayer, shamanic journeying and breath work and ayahuasca and all sorts of plant medicine.

  3. The Unknown of how we create more balance between the masculine and the feminine in society, and looking at power structures in culture and education and media and politics and business, where the gender dynamics of 50 years ago are still in play and very much in tension with a progressive viewpoint that a younger generation is bringing into the world - gender fluidity and kind of moving away from this male-female, man-woman, to lots of different blends of those two. And the spectrum of that, but also of love and relationship, and how we create more space for that in society.

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 12.54.11 PM.png

“I’m responsible for my thoughts and for my actions. I am responsible for being in integrity and being true to my word. I am responsible for saying yes when I can say yes, and for saying no when I need to say no. I’m responsible to show up in the different roles in my life, particularly as a husband, as a brother, as a son, and as a hypnotherapist, in ways where I’m true to myself and compassionate with others. And in the hypnotherapy realm — where I am setting myself aside to allow the Universe to work through me with the person who’s in front of me.”

Andrew’s question:

how our thoughts and beliefs shape our entire lives

and our perception of our life?






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