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Check Back with Mr. Kevin No. 01 | How to Recognize Negative Cycles + Surviving vs. Succeeding

Check Back with Mr. Kevin No. 01 | How to Recognize Negative Cycles + Surviving vs. Succeeding

“you can change behaviors and thought process but you can’t change the things that happened in your past.” - Mr. Kevin

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This is called Check back with Mr. Kevin.

In the world of child psychology - a lot of times it’s important to check back in with your counselor or your therapist. In fact, i’ll go as far as to say that everyone should take some time to check back in with their therapist. And if you don’t have one then try checking back in with yourself. Be it through writing, mediation, a solo walk, or art - whatever it is that you can use to get back to YOU.

Mr. Kevin and I met while I was working for VICE. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and the human condition so when when we ended working together, oftentimes our conversations - even those about work - were based on the psychological aspects of the characters and people I was researching, the people in the office, or people around the world. 

At first, I didn’t know about Mr. Kevin’s background... (yes, his nickname should have given it away)

I worked in Children's Mental Health for almost 11 years, in both the Department of Child and Family Services and in private run facilities where I would write treatment plans for the kids, run group sessions and work one on one with the kids to achieve their therapeutic goals. In that time, I worked with children who were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, schizo effective, autism, aspbergers and more. The majority of the children also suffered from abuse, physical, verbal, emotional and sexual.

I majored in Psychology at the College of Southern Nevada and the University of Reno. Trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I have studied meditation for the past 8 years and have been practicing and training as a healer for 5 years now. I will soon start my Reiki healing certification at the beginning of the year.  

Once I understood that his knowledge stemmed from a space of experience and education, I became even more excited by the opportunity to have someone to speak to on the many topics that fill my mind. 

If you worked at VICE, chances are you’d see Kevin and I in a corner discussing the human condition-

or - you might have seen us working on a sports pilot, using the white board in one of the conference rooms to dissect (and I mean…really dissect) the person we were to interview.

vice media

Neither of us work for VICE anymore but our friendship remains in tact. and as I navigated my life into Recovery from my eating disorder, Kevin was always an understanding ear because he GOT me beyond the general population.

He and I both believe childhood shapes us into the people that we are today. We love understanding peoples pains and scars and flaws in order to help each individual come a tad bit closer to a feeling of healing.

For Check Back with Mr. Kevin we will be addressing some of the questions both of us ponder - or better yet, Kevin will try to answer my complicated mind - by using the Tell Your Story Podcast episodes as launching points, and then following the natural course of conversation.

This is an experiment . Flawed. of course. But a QUICK listen. So we’ll see how it goes. Take a chance and let us know what you think. xx.a


We love to hear from you, please share your thoughts/concerns/questions/tips/suggestions below.

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thanks for being you, Kevin. even if that means partaking in snapchat filters with me.

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