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The Fear of Being / From Jeff Carpenter

The Fear of Being / From Jeff Carpenter

This is Jeff. Jeff found me via a friend. A friend I had met nearly ten years earlier…

While I was a young kid getting started in a new career. Living in Pittsburgh, working for the Pittsburgh Penguins, a Sam discovered a deep-seeded question in me: what if there’s more, in me, and in the world around me. Sam introduced me to the beat writers. He introduced me to Nick Drake. He introduced me to philosophical conversations which didn’t need to have some sort of completion. I was 21. And at 31, a good ten years later, I found myself in New York, hosting a workshop on emotional intelligence with a Jeff who was sent to me by Sam.

Such is life, in that, we never know why we met the people that we meet and how their presence will forever affect us. You see? In some way, the way in which Jeff and I are communicating in this podcast, touching on the question of the fear or being, is parallel to the very questions I was asking Sam. It is, after all, very much all connected. So thank you, Sam. Thank you, Jeff. And thank you Jon Krakauer for asking the very question we discuss in this episode by actually going out and finding your answer.

Music clips used in this episode:

‘Society’ and ‘The Wolf’ from the film Into the Wild

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About this podcast: I created this podcast because i needed to find a way to stay in touch with my friends, social media acquaintances, and life-coaching clients while i built a life for myself in Moscow, Russia. Yes, after 30 years in North America, I relocated back to the place that birthed me.


The concept here is simple: send in a three-minute voice note with anything on your mind.

A question. A thought. A song. A message. An observation. A complaint. Anything. It doesn’t even have to be three minutes. It can be a total of 10 seconds. There are no rules except that you relinquish control to your Voice Note once it’s been sent. After which, I dive into the depths of myself to come up with an adequate answer to whatever it is that you’ve said. Perhaps, this will evolve into a dialogue in which I’ll send back a question your way through my answer. Perhaps, i’ll ask you to never Voice Note me again (kidding).

The point is to challenge ourselves to be daring enough to record, bold enough to send something and to let it go, and patient enough to see where it ends up in the process of creation. Like you, each episode will vary. There are no guarantees except for the guarantee that you’ve put something out there.

How are you? (a simple question) / From Mike O'Day

How are you? (a simple question) / From Mike O'Day