in the unknown podcast


Hosted by Alyonka Larionov, the IN THE UNKNOWN Podcast is a series of intimate, unfiltered conversations sourcing only the Intuition without prior research, or internet and social media browsing.

After ten years working as a host, broadcaster, and producer in the male-dominated TV + Media Industry, Alyonka Larionov woke up to a shell of her former self. Steeped in her belief of not being good enough vis a vis her personal and public traumas, her workaholic tendencies acted as crutch to avoid her emotional growth, and left her unbalanced in all aspects of her life. She was stripped of her family + friends, her femininity, her authenticity and her voice. In April 2017, after nearly a decade battling Anorexia Nervosa, Alyonka stepped into Recovery and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, personal healing, and a yearning to better understand the human condition. She was determined to step into her Being and began building her foundation from within by Facing her Fears in the space of The Unknown and Finding Freedom from its Discomfort.

As her confidence grew, she launched her website filled with her writings and her Story, and began facilitating guided workshops titled In THE UNKNOWN which emphasize on accessing Discomfort to achieve personal growth by Facing ones Fears and Finding Freedom from them. However, her passion for hosting and producing remained unfulfilled, and with her voice and intuition back in tact, Alyonka created the IN THE UNKNOWN Podcast.

In each episode, you will hear Alyonka step into THE UNKNOWN with her guest, relying strictly on her intuition and active listening instead of using research to fuel her questions and the narrative of the conversation, in order to Challenge herself in the way that she challenges those who attend her Workshops. It is far from her old self and her type-A, perfectionist ways. Instead of arriving prepared, studied, with motives and predispositions, Alyonka is open and intuitively Surrenders into THE UNKNOWN.

I created this podcast

because i needed to find a way to stay in touch with my friends, social media acquaintances, and life-coaching clients while I built a life for myself in Moscow, Russia.

Yes, after 30 years in North America, I relocated back to the place that birthed me.

The concept here is simple:

send in a three-minute Voice Note with anything on your mind.

A question. A thought. A song. A message. An observation. A complaint. Anything. It doesn’t even have to be three minutes. It can be a total of 10 seconds.

There are no rules except that you relinquish control to your Voice Note once it’s been sent. After which, I dive into the depths of myself to come up with an adequate answer to whatever it is that you’ve said. Perhaps, this will evolve into a dialogue in which I’ll send back a question your way through my answer. Perhaps, i’ll ask you to never Voice Note me again (kidding).

The point is to challenge ourselves to be daring enough to record, bold enough to send something + to let it go, + patient enough to see where it ends up in the process of creation. Like you, each episode will vary.

There are no guarantees except for the guarantee that you’ve put something out there.