What: A guided two-hour workshop and moderated conversation in which one is able to Face their Fears of THE UNKNOWN by stepping intentionally into its' discomfort. (Bowl of Trust is not guaranteed but very likely.)

Why: By stepping IN THE UNKNOWN one is able to access intentional Discomfort and Unlock their Fears through the process of conversation + connection, after which we can gently transition into a space of Personal Growth where we Find Freedom + actionable items to lead a life we've been yearning to live.

Where: We have two options: Group (in-person + online). 1-o-1 (in-person + online). If you’ve chosen Group, location details will be provided the evening before via email.

Who: All attendees are BCC'ed on the confirmation email allowing anonymity until the start of the Workshop. You can choose from WOMEN, MEN or ALL In THE UNKNOWN. These are also offered as 1-o-1 sessions.

When: Please see the Schedule page for future group dates: in-person + online. For 1-on-1 (see below).

Bonus: For those who've attended, we offer The KNOWN Network. Inquire via Email.





ONE-on-ONE with Alyonka is an opportunity to experience THE UNKNOWN from the comforts and privacy of your home. 


You will be able to run through a private, confidential workshop allowing you to enter the Discomfort of THE UNKNOWN by facing your fears through the process of conversation + connection. Alyonka will work with you to help your transition into a space of personal growth, creating actionable items using gentle guidance and the art of question, to lead you to the life you’ve been yearning to live.

Workshops are done via FaceTime, Skype, Phone, or in-person.

One does not need to have attended a Workshop prior to signing up for a ONE-on-ONE. For the most effective experience, it is recommended that one courageously commits to 3-5 sessions (this is not mandatory). If you have questions, please email to learn more.

To schedule a ONE on ONE: click here.




I had such a fulfilling experience attending the Women’s Circle. Not only did Alyonka create a safe space for people to share but her energy is judgment free and incredibly healing, she has been blessed with a gift to allow people to let their guards down and open themselves up to healing and bettering themselves. Whether you want to attended for personal or professional reasons, that doesn’t matter because regardless you will leave a better person. Alyonka helped me realize that my power resides when I allow myself to be open and vulnerable. As someone who runs a business it’s hard to always find balance between self fulfillment and work fulfillment, the tools I learned at the Women’s Circle will allow me to move forward as the best and truest version of myself.
— Ashleigh Ignelzi, Founder Get Your Vibes

Attending Alyonka’s workshop is surprising, enlightening, and meaningful. She is naturally curious and immensely intuitive, and her moderating skills lead to a beautifully open and respectful exchange by all in the room. I didn’t know what to expect, but I showed up, and in the showing up, I experienced a profound reminder of things I had forgotten or had shoved aside, and that has helped me through a difficult personal time.
— Ralph Strangis, Broadcaster, Writer.

I attended one of Alyonka’s workshops as part of the reporting process for a profile I was doing on her for The Athletic. Before I arrived, she broached the idea of me attending as an active participant, rather than just a passive observer and I have to admit, I was reluctant for a few reasons. I wasn’t sure if this would shroud my objectivity as a journalist; additionally, this was something FAR outside my comfort zone. But what’s great about Alyonka is how adept she is at coaxing others out of that comfort one while simultaneously setting them at ease. What I both witnessed and experienced was that Alyonka has a rare, disarming quality and a keen ability to connect to others with compassion, respect, empathy and kindness. She listens, without judgment, and has a knack for prompting introspection and awareness. I met a bunch of awesome women that night, many of whom I keep in touch with still. I’m so happy that I got to know Alyonka through my work and even more grateful that I can now call her a friend as well.
— Katie Strang

Participating in The Unknown Workshop allowed me to release a fear that I had not even realized fully how much I had been grasping onto. Alyonka creates and holds a space that allows for complete strangers to feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing openly about deeply personal emotions and wounds. I felt grateful for the experience, to be witnessed and to witness others release these emotional weights in a way that felt supportive and liberating. Thank you Alyonka :).
— Macarena Rufin, 31

1. I am not a great listener. At the surface I can listen, however my ego often times prevents me from truly empathizing with an individual because my mind naturally wants to debate and prove my point, that I am right or that a person is being over-sensitive (years of many male influences). A very bad habit that I am continually trying to let go of.

2. Considering your story has made me confront the fact that I have got into many bad habits, emotionally and physically, which have stuck with me for so long now. Some are due to environment, others due to poor choices. So not being a hypocrite and actually being completely honest with one’s own issues has been tough, albeit a good thing learned.
— Aleks Zivic, 31

Thanks for hosting such an interesting evening. I walked in with little to no expectations and walked out feeling full, connected and with a renewed belief that all would be ok, even if it was just for the rest of the evening.

Especially in today’s world, we — society at large — need more and more an excuse or permission to do, ask and feel things. Your Unknown sessions give people the “excuse” they need to show up, be vulnerable, and have deep conversations — three things we need more of in this world, but seem to be harder and harder to find and consequently do. If nothing else this is why these meetings should and I hope will continue. What you are doing not only helps individuals but I think is helping society as a whole retain or remember some of its humanity.
— Erin Gold

the ripples of the good that came out of that Gather alone are impossible to quantify. who knows what else those other guys learned and have taken into their lives and relationships. i was just telling my coworker this morning about your group, and how life is so interesting, you never know where it will take you if you just show up, say yes, and take your seat at the circle.
— Sebastien Theroux

I was going through a lot of personal and life changes when I attended workshop, I had gotten out of a tough relationship that past fall which also led me to realize how truly unhappy I was living in NYC and with work/life in general. I was still grappling with these realizations and wasn’t sure what to make of it all. I was trying my hardest to stay positive and do more things in order to make a positive changes in my life, which is how I found myself attending the workshop.

It was really eye opening and quite frankly nice to sit down with multiple woman with whom I really didn’t know much about and talk through challenges we were all facing in that moment of time. Truly, it was a great break from the daily negative grind I found myself in. (NYC can be pretty angry and tough over winter months). The atmosphere was calm, warm and inviting which definitely helped in keep the conversation flowing - the time went by pretty quick.

My only wish would have been to have more time to center my thoughts and think of most important items I would want to discuss at the time. That might just be me having a lot going on and unable to center my thoughts but it could be nice to have questions/themes to think about to discuss ahead of time. Realize that could have negative impact on real time conversation and keeping everything flowing naturally. I really liked the follow up email too, felt like it showed how present you were during that time and great way to bond people closer together.

What you are doing is truly amazing, I can’t say it enough. We need more of people like you who are bold enough to speak truth, regardless of how hard it can be at times.
— Megan Donlin