Hi. I'm Alyonka Larionov.


I was born in Moscow, Russia to parents who were both incredibly successful athletes.


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In the past decade, I've worked many jobs in the media landscape.

I first started as an online host working for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sauce Hockey, and eventually, as a host + associate producer for the NHL (.com and Network). I then worked as a Production Assistant for the HBO Series, 24/7 focusing on the Washington Capitals + Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic. This is where I caught the bug for production and began teaching myself how to shoot, edit, interview + produce. With my lessons learned, I filmed a mini documentary which aired on TSN. This gave me the opportunity to fill many rolls at the company, first as a social media reporter, then as a guest/contributor on their sports shows. 

Looking for a shift from hockey, I took a job as the Host and face of the newly opened Barclays Center and it's  digital media channel, Barclays Center TV. 

Here I focused on developing stories and features on the Borough of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets, and all the events which occurred under our roof.

In this role I learned how to find a story within any assignment which was thrown my way. I was lucky to work with a small group of individuals who were just as passionate about storytelling, creativity, and working with limited resources as I was, and it taught me the importance of teamwork, loyalty, and an unflinching work ethic.

Shortly after, I left BCTV to host + produce a TV series for MSG Network featuring players from the New York Rangers which included hosting duties for blueshirtsunited.com.

At this point, I felt I had come full circle and after years of living in a testosterone-filled world, I decided to drop the career I had come to know for a simpler life. I bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles with no job, no apartment, and no particular direction in mind except to search for a "normal" life.

Initially I worked as a cashier at a clothing store and after a few months I heard of an opportunity at VICE Media. The company was looking for a researcher for their newly launching network, VICELAND.

The catch? The show was about sports and as much as I wanted to venture away from the topic, I was lured back in because this particular format would focus more on the cultural and human aspects of sports storytelling. I signed on.

In less than a year I went from researcher, to associate producer, to full-fledged producer on VICELAND's show, VICE World of Sports.

I was able to tell stories on Australian Rules Football, Florence's Calcio Storico, Lakota Sioux High School Rezball, eSports + League of Legends Rivalries, Six Man Football + Farming in Montana, and Youth Football in Liberty City, Miami. 

Working on this show changed my world view and put an emphasis on the importance of telling stories properly.

I poured my heart and soul into this show + network and upon hearing that we were not renewed for a third season, my world collapsed. I wrote about my feelings of emptiness, purposelessness, and confusion, and sent this letter to a group of friends. The email included a message explaining that from here on out I was going to follow my intuition and embark on a journey of finding myself and my purpose in life.

I began exploring options and building this website only to be hit hard by Life.

In April 2017, after ten years battling an Eating Disorder, my body finally gave up. I Surrendered into the Discomfort of The Unknown by stepping into Recovery and learned how to Trust the Process as it unfolded in front and all around me.

I developed a new belief system and began exercising it in my personal life and began empowering every person I encountered from there on out. I launched and started a new business titled IN THE UNKNOWN which provides Workshops, One-on-One Sessions, a Podcast, and a YouTube Channel, in order to be of service to Humanity at large by offering a space in which you too can be iN THE UNKNOWN; unlocking your fears + finding freedom.

This platform is a work in progress - as am I - and I'm excited to see where and how it evolves, i feel it is my duty to share the ups and downs as I navigate the modern world.


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Thank you for reading me.

remember to live in love.