My name is Alyonka Larionov. If you’re looking for labels here are mine:

Woman, Russian-American, Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Guide, TV/Online Host, Moderator and Producer, Sister, Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, Daughter, ED Recovery, Mental Health Advocate, and Businesswoman.

However, I don’t like labels because they place you within a box. At times it’s dictated by society, other times by our deeply ingrained patterns. At best, they are shaped by our own need to find a false-sense of order + control. I am ‘x’, therefore I am.

I’ve learned that life is more fluid; it ebbs and flows. I’ve learned that the more flexible one can be in their believed abilities and desired trajectories, the easier it is to slide into multiple roles without creating attachment to a self-created plan which may or may not unfold. Force never produces results, at least not the kind which come without consequences.

What I know to be true is that love heals all but that it begins with you.

And so it began with me. With my world crashing and exploding against the wall I had built for myself, leaving me with nothing but the ashes of my false-sense of Self. From there, I began to search, journey, heal, and to come into my own, growing a layer of skin that is both thick and gentle. Acquiring empathy, active listening, communicative skills, vulnerability and truth, and fully uncovering the rainbow of emotions that I had within. This work was the evolution of my emotional intelligence and with it, I now have a foundation on which I can stand no matter the circumstances. I always have me.

All of my experiences, and the accumulation of the hours put in interviewing people, researching and annotating, and studying with experts in their fields has allowed me to seamlessly transition from one side of storytelling (tv + film), to another side of storytelling (life coaching + EQ guidance), by guiding and leading others into an existence of their choosing.

A FULL Life. A WHOLE Person. A CONTENT Being.

Just like me.

Of course, there’s always more to every story. But I don’t like telling anyone what to think.

So, take a look through my website; through the photographs, videos, and quotes.

Click through the tab on the left hand corner. Find my Podcast. Then my Books Read. The Teachers with whom I’ve studied and worked with on myself. And read my blog filled with observations of the World and the people in it. And then, if it feels right to you, reach out to work with me as A. Coach, collaborate with me, or to start a dialogue.

All it ever takes to spark a feeling of belonging is reaching out and asking someone a question.

Yes, in the very simplest way, we are so extremely powerful.